A Comparative Investigation of the Backchanneling Strategy in English Language Textbooks for Iranian School Students

Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of English Language Yasuj State University

2 Associate Professor of Teaching English, Language, Department of English Language, Yasuj State University, Iran


This qualitative study is an attempt to develop our knowledge on using the back-channels in English conversations as a second language obtaining English language textbooks for Iranian school students through the old and new educational system. The textbook of second guidance school grade has been compared with seventh junior high school grade (as the frst group), and the textbook of third guidance school grade has been compared to eighth junior high school grade (as the second group). It has been a discourse analysis of these books based on Maynard’s (1997) taxonomy. The results of back-channels frequency have been 26 and 18 times in the frst group, respectively; so, the proportion has been 1.44. Also; back-channeling markers have been appeared 40 and 29 times in the second group, respectively; thus, the proportion has been 1.38. It has been concluded that the back-channels frequency has had a quantity improvement in the new version to the old one.