Investigating Iranian Undergraduate EFL Learners’ and Teachers’ Attitude Towards Partnership Approach

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of English Language Isfahan Branch, Islamic Azad University Isfahan, Iran


This study aimed at investigating the Iranian undergraduate EFL students’ and teachers’ attitude towards Partnership Approach as a new way of engaging learners in the learning process. A descriptive, ethnographic research method, using a questionnaire along with focus group semi-structured interview, was employed. Seventy-two undergraduate EFL learners and 40 EFL teachers with more than ten years of experience in teaching English were included in the study. They were
males and females of different ages. They responded to two different attitude questionnaires. Some of the participants were randomly interviewed to shed light on the accuracy of the information collected. The results indicated that both students and teachers had a significantly positive attitude towards the Partnership Approach. The EFL teachers
appeared to hold a more positive attitude and were inclined to support the students’ engagement and the implementation of the Partnership Approach, believing that partnership increases interaction in the classroom, enhances the quality of teaching and learning, and makes the management of the classroom easier. The EFL learners claimed they
would learn better and with higher quality, enjoy more, feel more responsible, and have more opportunities to evaluate themselves in such classes. They added it would be interesting to have a part in creating the material.