Iranian EFL Teachers' Professional Success in High Schools and Private Language Institutes: A Comparative Study


Department of Foreign Languages, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


The present study aimed to investigate professional success among Iranian EFL teachers in two different teaching contexts namely high schools and language institutes concerning their years of teaching experience, gender, level of education and socioeconomic status. Data were gathered from among 61 teachers and 600 students chosen from various private English language institutes and high schools in Shiraz, Iran. The instrument used in the study was a questionnaire developed by Moafian and Pishghadam (2009). Results indicated that professional success of male teachers is higher than that of female teachers. Findings further illustrated that there is a significant positive relationship between English teachers’ professional success and their education level and socioeconomic status. Finally, it was found that English teachers’ professional success is higher among institute teachers compared with their counterparts.