Shared Reading: A Technique to Enhance Reading and Writing Abilities of Iranian EFL Learners


1 Tehran azad University

2 Tehran Azad University


The present study attempted to introduce shared reading as one of the most
effective techniques in cultivating the learners’ reading and writing abilities. To
this end, 50 homogenous students were assigned to the control and experimental
groups following the administration of a standardized English proficiency test.
Thenceforth, based on writing and reading pretest scores of the learners on a
general proficiency test, it was concluded that the two groups were homogeneous
in terms of the two language skills. During the treatment, the experimental group
was instructed through the shared reading technique whereas the control group
practiced reading through traditional techniques. Afterward, both groups took part
in reading and writing posttests identical to the ones used as the pretests. Using a t-
test, the researcher found that the treatment had a significant effect on both reading
and writing abilities of the experimental groups. The main concern of this study
was to introduce shared reading technique as a useful technique in enhancing the
proficiency of the Iranian EFL learners in reading and writing skills