Grammatical Competence Development of Nursery School Children Acquiring Persian



Shiraz Azad University


This study is an attempt to answer three questions: First,
whether there is a difference between the grammatical competence de-
velopment of a group of children aged 2;6 vs. a group of children aged
3;6. Second, whether there is a relationship between the children’s age
and their MLU on the one hand and their speech and the caretakers’
speech on the other. Third, whether or not the normal limit proposed
by Brown (1973) is also observed in the acquisition of Persian. To this
end, six children were studied during a six-week period. The results
indicate that in terms of age difference, there is neither an unequivocal
yes nor a definitive no answer to the question, i.e. in some cases there
is a difference whereas in other cases there is no difference at all. Re-
garding the relationship, no significant relationship was found between
the speech of the children and the speech of the caretakers’ in terms of
Mean Length of Utterance (MLU). Finally, it is indicated that the limit
proposed by Brown (1973) is also observed in Farsi.