A Course Book Evaluation of the World English Series from the Perspective of EFL Teachers and Learners’ Needs


1 Shiraz Azad University

2 Shiraz University


The current study investigated the World English series
from the perspective of EFL teachers and learners’ needs. The evalua-
tion was conducted on the basis of two questionnaires. One was devised
by Rezvani, Tahriri and Shahini (personal communication) for teachers,
and the other was prepared by the researcher for learners. A total num-
ber of 14 EFL instructors who had been teaching these books and 59
learners of the series participated in the research. Based on the analyses,
the mean and percentage of the teachers’ views were examined. The re-
sults showed that the mean for the necessity was higher than the mean
for the present condition. In addition, there were statistically significant
differences between the ideal situation and the present condition of the
responses. Thus, it can be said that the books were relatively far behind
the expectations of the instructors and in terms of the general informa-
tion, the theoretical considerations, organizational features and practi-
cal considerations, content, skills, vocabulary, structure and activities,
the World English books were in the average range. Then, the needs
analysis questionnaire was analyzed. According to the findings, the stu-
dents were in agreement with the notions presented in the learners’
questionnaire. After that, the obtained outcomes were compared with
the instructors’ opinions. Consequently, there was a statistically signifi-
cant difference between the attitudes of institute learners and teachers,
but in general, the course books concerned were mainly adequate in
meeting the learners’ needs and interests.