A Critical Discourse Analysis on Media Excerpts


1 Kazeroon Azad University

2 Abadeh Azad University


As narrative discourses and discursive thematic frame-
works on social issues in media can provide us with an insight into
how different understandings and perspectives serve to construct dif-
ferent presentations of social actors, social events as well as social re-
lations and conflicts, it seems necessary to take them into more seri-
ous considerations. To this end, the present study was an attempt to
have a critical discourse analysis on two papers published on “attack
to Ghaza”. Through a deep media discourse analysis, it was found that
there is a pattern of who is speaking and in what way in mass media the
meaning is constructed by journalistic conventions as well as by social
norms, and by rules that in part are set by a political regime. It was re-
vealed that conventions play a strong role as we apply a representation
analysis method