Relationship Between Learning Styles Of Advanced Iranian EFL Learners and Their Achievment



1 Shiraz azad university

2 Shiraz Azad University


This study investigated language learning styles of Iranian
EFL learners and their class achievement. To this end, sixty female ad-
vanced learners of instruction and different ages (15-30), studying at a
language institute in Shiraz were asked to take part in the study. A 30-
item language learning styles questionnaire developed by Reid (1987)
was employed to elicit information for the study. The data obtained
through the questionnaire were subjected to Pearson correlation in order
to check the relationship between the learning style and class achieve-
ment. Results showed that students use different learning styles in class
and indicated that kinesthetic and group learning styles were the most
favorable ones among Iranian EFL learners. The aforementioned styles
positively correlated with the learners’ achievement.