Analysis of Cultural Scripts of Suggestions and Rejection of Suggestions in Persian and English within Natural Semantic Metalanguage Framework



Shiraz Azad University


Language must be studied as a social behavior and the aim of language
instruction must be to facilitate learners’ acquisition of communicative
competence; the ability to speak both accurately and appropriately. Rules
of speaking must be included into second language classroom teaching. We
should teach linguistic rules along with social rules.
In this study a number of social functions in Persian are analyzed using the
“Natural Semantic Metalanguage” (NSM) framework. The results are then
compared and contrasted with those of English. The functions in focus are
suggestions, and rejection of suggestions.
The results of this study indicate that: (1) the NSM is applicable to the
communicative interaction routines in Persian, (2) cultural scripts can be used
to develop an awareness of cultural differences in the learners, and finally (3)
the model in question is suitable for cross-cultural contrastive analysis.