The Basic Assumptions on Language Acquisition from Perspectives of Cognitive, Generative- Transformational, and Structural Linguistics: An Overview



Shiraz Azad University


Language acquisition is a varied field, and there is an ocean of approaches from
which one can investigate first/second language acquisition. These approaches
root in different fields, basically linguistics. As for linguistics, research in
language acquisition ranges from structural and generative-transformational
to cognitive linguistics. While in contrast with each other in main respects
theoretically, and, critically speaking, each having its own pitfalls, they
have common methodological applications. This article aims at scrutinizing
structural, generative-transformational, and cognitive linguistics in relation
with language acquisition and providing support for such a claim that not only
they are not totally mutually exclusive and in contrast with each other, but they
rather share the same objectives in language acquisition path concerning innate
syntactic knowledge, usage-based, and word grammar (WG).